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EXCITING NEWS: We are Launching an Affiliate Program!

by Vikki Schembri on March 17, 2021

Big news, Athletes!

We know you love to tell everyone about how happy you are that you found Synergee - and now, we want to pay you for it!

We are launching our Affiliate Program: In short, we will pay you commission on every sale you make!

Let's get into the details... 


To become an affiliate, you need to fill out this form:

For US Athletes:

For Canada Athletes:

After you provide us with all the information we need, we'll provide you with an affiliate link and a coupon code. 


The affiliate link is a unique link that will send people to the Synergee Website. If they make a purchase on your affiliate link, you get 10% commission!

ADDITIONALLY: If someone makes a purchase using this link, then every purchase they make on the Synergee website for the next 30 days - whether they use the affiliate link or not - will also result in you receiving a commission!

We track their purchases and their ties to your affiliate link using cookies. If that person blocks/clears their cookies, we will not be able to track their purchases. Otherwise, this 30 day Cookie Period applies!


We also provide you with a coupon code. You can encourage your friends, family, IG followers, and anyone else to use this code upon checkout so they can save and you can gain commission!

Whatever sales are made using your unique coupon code results in a 10% commission for you.

And yes, they can use the Coupon Code with the Affiliate Link. You receive 10% commission (total) on a sale if they use the Affiliate Link and Coupon Code separately or together. 


You decide how much you want to promote; what social media channels you want to use; and how often you want to tell your friends to check out our gear!

The affiliate link and coupon code DO NOT expire.

Once you have it, you don't need to check in or follow up. You just do your thing!

We payout via etransfer or PayPal; and commissions are paid out every week on Monday.


Ready? LET'S GO! Sign up using this link:

For US Athletes:

For Canada Athletes:

Still got questions? Send us an email at

We can't wait to work with you!! 


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