HOW TO EARN $5000 FROM FITNESS: Even If You're Not A Pro!

by Vikki Schembri on August 13, 2019

I have been doing CrossFit for 12 years. I have participated in a few competitions. I've never placed first, not even second. Once, I placed third in a team event!

I've headed fitness committees; I love hiking; and I've taught fitness classes . I got my dad, sister, and brother to join me at the gym and helped turn it into a fun, healthy family activity that brought us closer together.

I guess the most impressive fitness feat I achieved was I did a really long bike tour - but I didn't do it quickly, I didn't have any media coverage, and it was really just for fun!

But you know what's awesome?

I still could have been a sponsored athlete in my lifetime! Without changing anything! Without putting in more hours! Without lifting more, running more, actually winning a competition, or setting any records!

We already established in our very first blog post - here - that me and you and anyone else who happens across this Synergee page is an Athlete with an incredible, awe-inspiring machine of a body. 

And under those circumstances, you are halfway to qualifying for the $5000 Synergee Scholarship!

If I were still in school (and not exempt from qualifying because of obvious conflicts of interest), I 100% would have applied and could have become a Synergee Scholar, i.e. a Synergee Sponsored Athlete!!


Synergee is offering a $5000 USD scholarship for any full-time students in Canada or the US. The qualifaction and application information can all be found here on our website, but it's pretty simple:

We have $5000 USD to give to one hard-working and dedicated future – or current! - fitness leader. It could be you! And all we want in return is a story. Yup, $5000 for 500 words. That’s $10 a word! That’s more than any writer I know makes!

We will be giving this awesome award to whoever has the most inspiring fitness journey that demonstrates the values Synergee holds near and dear.

As long as you are a full-time student in Canada or the US, already enrolled in or entering post-secondary school, you can apply for this money!


$5000 USD is a lot of money to give away. But we see as giving back to the fitness community and investing in a future fitness leader’s success.

We are only as strong as our community is, and strength comes from more than lifting weights and running sprints.

Fitness is an important determinant of health, but having a post-secondary education is a social determinant that has huge impacts on ones longevity, too!

And yet, school is expensive and out of reach for many because of its cost. $5000 could help you pay for tuition, or help you maintain a budget for eating well and working out regularly along with your studies. We want to help you THRIVE!

APPLY BY AUG 31 2019!

So what would you do with $5000? How would becoming a sponsored athlete make your life better or easier? 

Think about that, and then write all about it in 500-ish words and send it my way. I can't wait to read it!


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