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Most of us have some type of goal in life. We’d like to have a big home, a job we feel passionate about, the perfect mate, maybe it’s a fitness goal or to go on a dream vacation. One of the most powerful tools you can utilize is visualization. Using your imagination to see yourself at your goal. Kids do it all the time but as we get older, we tend to use this tool less and less. It’s time to get back to your childhood, dust off your imagination and start creating.

Here’s a few visualization tools you can use to help you out:

1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at your goal. For instance, if your goal or desire is to lose 20 lbs then imagine what that would feel like. What kind of clothes are you wearing? How do you feel in your clothes? What does your body look like? Who are you hanging out with? What new things are you doing? Put emotion and feeling into your answers. For instance, do you feel more confident, happy, secure, content? Are you doing things you previously might have found intimidating. Really FEEL what it would be like to be living that goal.

2. Make a top 10 desires list. Write out your top 10 desires in life in notebook or type it out on your computer. They can be anything but just make sure they are your top ones. Then, one by one, imagine you have received your desire and you are completely grateful for having it. Who is the first person you tell? What emotions do you feel? Imagine crossing your desire off your list and making room to add more.

3. Imagine having a conversation with your 20 year senior self. What kind of advice would your senior self give to the junior you? For instance, if you are in a job you dislike now, imagine yourself 20 years later. Imagine 2 case scenarios. One where you still in the same unsatisfying job, what would the senior you advise? The second scenario, the senior you is doing work they feel passionate about and enjoy, what advice does this you provide? This visualization is particularly helpful because it allows you to tap into your intuition and inner knowing. It also gives you the opportunity to see both sides, changing and remaining the same. It can be used for any goal, dream or desire.

There are many more tools you can utilize to help you reach your goals and desires. It’s as easy as closing your eyes and tapping into your imagination. Sounds pretty easy? Well it is! Just give it a go and see what happens!

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