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Every year it’s nice to sit back and reflect on the year that has just passed. Think back to the beginning of 2015, what were you doing in your life? What was your fitness level or what your diet look like? Did you make the progress you wanted to? And if not, what got in the way? When making fitness goals it’s important to consider a few key things. Let’s look at what we can do to make sure we reach new heights in 2016.

Make your goal SMART
I’m sure you have all heard the SMART goal analogy before. Specific, measureable, acheiveable, realistic and time specific. You can’t expect to run a marathon in a month or clean and jerk 230 lbs if you haven’t even started. However, setting small goals like running a 10K or maybe increasing your 1 rep max by 10 lbs this month can be done. Then, break it down. So if you want to increase your back squat to double body weight, how are you going to get there? Make a plan or have that discussion with your trainer. Keep track of your progress along the way and make adjustments to your plan as need be.

Assess your readiness for change
Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 how committed you are to making the change? So if it’s gaining muscle mass or weight loss that is your goal, how committed are you to making this happen? Give yourself a number. Then, ask yourself how confident you are that you can actually achieve your goal? Again, give yourself a number between 1-10. What you are looking for is something around the 7 or 8 mark. If your number is rated less than that, then ask yourself what would it take to make it an 8? So if your goal is to build strength and muscle mass but your confidence is only a 5, ask yourself what it would take to be an 8? Maybe you need more skills or info on how to get there. If so, book a training session or read up. Maybe you need some help at home to get you to class more consistently. Ask your spouse for some help or see if you can re-arrange your day. Make both your confidence and your commitment an 8.

Visualize it
What will it feel like when you achieve your goal? Really. Just stop wherever you are and close your eyes. Picture your goal. What clothes are you wearing, what smells are in the room, what feelings are you feeling? If your goal is weight loss, how do you feel in your clothes, are you more confident, happier, energetic? If your goal is strength building visualize yourself making that lift. From start to finish, see yourself executing it perfectly. The brain cannot distinguish between real life and imagination so when you visualize in extreme detail, your brain will perceive the event as reality and put things into motion to make it happen.

Spend some time thinking about where you’d like to be in 365 days. Write it down, check in monthly and see how things are going. All things are possible if you set your commitment and get your confidence level up! We are here to help you along the way. Let’s make 2016 the best in health and fitness yet!

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