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Synergee Power Bands
Synergee Power Bands
Synergee Power Bands
Synergee Power Bands
Synergee Power Bands
Synergee Power Bands
Synergee Power Bands
Synergee Power Bands
Synergee Power Bands
Synergee Power Bands
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Synergee Resistance Power Bands

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Synergee’s Power Bands are versatile, efficacious, and incredible tools for increasing your flexibility and mobility or adding resistance to your workouts.

Power Bands can be used on their own for various push and pull exercises – from bicep curls to shoulder presses to chest flies and beyond! They can be added to barbell routines to add variable resistances and challenge your balance during bench presses, squats, and presses. They are perfect for pilates, stretching, physical therapy rehabilitation, and any strength or toning routine you are working on.

These bands are tough and durable. Plus, they allow you to get better, faster, & stronger while taking up very little space! These bands are a perfect addition to any home or commercial gym and provide the best GAINS for your buck!

Power Band Guide

Resistance Level Light Medium Heavy Extra Heavy
Tension(lbs.) 5-15lbs 30-50lbs 40-80lbs 50-120lbs
Width (Inches) 0.5" 1" 1.25" 1.75"
Length(Inches) 41" 41" 41" 41"

Improve Mobility

Whether you use them for warming up, cooling down, or physical therapy rehabilitation, these bands can help you increase your mobility, get deep into a stretch, and target hard-to-reach areas that need to be lengthened or activated.

Progression Work

Synergee Power Bands are your go-to tool for conquering gymnastic feats! These bands act as a counterweight to assist you through the full range of motion for pull ups, dips, and muscle ups – until you can perform them all by yourself!

Intensify Workouts

Hit a plateau in your training? Add a Power Band! Increase your power output by throwing a band into your sprint, push up, squat, or press routines. Plus, with 4 different band tensions and variable resistance for each, these Bands unlock infinite possibilities for your workouts!

  • 3-Pack
  • 4-Pack

Power Band 3-Pack Specs

Brand Synergee
Material Latex
Width (inches) 1"-1.75"
Tension Levels(lbs.) 30-120lbs
Colors Green, Blue & Black
Warranty 1 Year - Manufacturer Defects

Power Band 4-Pack Specs

Brand Synergee
Material Latex
Width (inches) 0.5"-1.75"
Tension Levels(lbs.) 5-120lbs
Colors Yellow, Green, Blue & Black
Warranty 1 Year - Manufacturer Defects


Power Bands are incredible tools for getting you ready for a workout and for the workout itself! A dynamic warm up routine with the Power Bands can lengthen and activate your shoulders, glutes, and hips – for example, Overhead Pass Throughs, Lateral Marches, Overhead Squats, and Good Mornings.

Then, the bands can be used for your actual strength circuit and make you sweat! With the Synergee Power Bands, you can perform incredibly effective push and pull exercises to get you toned, strong, and looking great. Movement examples: Squatting with a Power Band, Pull Throughs, Tricep Extensions, Pull Downs, and Banded Pull Ups.


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