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We are constantly on the look out for equipment that will make your fitness journey more efficient and exciting! Check out all the new gear we have for sale and keep an eye on our blog where we regularly introduce our new equipment. Give our equipment a shot, completely risk free, with our free shipping & returns policy for all Synergee products!

New Arrivals

Synergee Fixed Barbell

$49.95 USD

Synergee Steel Macebells

$39.95 USD

Synergee Fitness Hammer

$39.95 USD

Synergee Tricep Bar

$79.95 USD

Synergee Olympic Weight Plate Tree & Barbell Holder

$164.95 USD

Synergee Barbell Gun Rack

$59.95 USD

Synergee Farmer Walk Handles

$139.95 USD

Synergee Multi-Grip Swiss Bar

$179.95 USD

Synergee Yoga Mat Storage Rack

$169.95 USD

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