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Bosu Elite Balance Trainer
Bosu Elite Balance Trainer
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Bosu Elite Balance Trainer

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Bosu Elite Balance Trainers

The BOSU Elite Balance Trainer is called “Elite” for a reason. This special model’s design incorporates a much firmer dome to spring load your body and intensify core exercises. With the Elite Trainer, you can enter different training zones (Power Line, Power Zone) to improve your alignment and force transfer.

Its design is dual purpose: perfect for targeted workouts and impressive product durability. The Elite Trainer comes with a more rugged, high density dome and has a reinforced base for platform-side exercises. The Elite Trainer is the best tool for becoming more agile, more controlled, and more intentional during training, which translates into elite performances on competition day.

Bosu Elite Balance Guide

Weight 19 lb
Dimensions 25.5" diameter and 8.5" high when fully inflated
Max Weight Capacity 450 lb


Compression Strength Training™ is exactly what is sounds like. By “compressing" the BOSU Elite's dome you create intense resistance which simulates your nervous system and excite your body's muscle fibers- literally making you feel lighter on the ground, faster on the floor and more powerful under the bar.

Core Training

The Elite doesn't just amplify core training, it strengthens your foundational core by incorporating every part of your abdominals all the way through to your lats and stabilizer muscles. This is called Coiling Core Training™ with the BOSU Elite and is what makes training with the Elite truly special.


"Priming" alone makes the BOSU® Elite an invaluable training tool for every training session. Priming sets are performed to potentiate the body's nervous system. This enables you to lift heavier weights, run faster, jump higher and harness the full power of your posterior chain balanced through the balls of the feet.

Bosu Elite Spec

Brand Bosu
Platform Black Dually Molded Platform
Dome Latex Free and Burst Resistant
Max Weight 450 lb
Includes Hand Pump and Owners Manual


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