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BOSU Sport Balance Trainers
BOSU Sport Balance Trainers
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BOSU Sport Balance Trainers

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BOSU Sport Balance Trainers

The BOSU® Sport is your tool for enhancing your strength, balance, stability and body awareness – while also being efficient on space!

The Sport Balance Trainer is the smaller version of the BOSU® Pro/Home Balance Trainer. It is the same Half Blue Exercise Ball design constructed with the same rim and base style, but it is only 50 cm in diameter.

The sleek compact design allows for easy transport and storage, quick positioning for any type of workout, and is ideal for all fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It’s a great tool for all skill levels, and kids love the bright colors and smaller size!

Although smaller in size, the Bosu Sport still carries the same big impact the Bosu Pro does: same training options, same exercise benefits, and same range of workouts. It’s perfect for sports conditioning, circuits, fitness, yoga, Pilates and a fantastic way to get kids excited to get moving! With the Bosu Sport, it’s easy to create a dynamic, flexible workout that is highly effective and fun!

Sport Balance Trainer Guide

Weight Capacity 10 lb
Dimensions 50cm diameter x 17.8cm high when fully inflated
Max Weight Capacity 250 lb
Extras Included (6) rubberized feet, hand pump, user manual
Dome Color Blue or Pink

Reshape your body

Because the BOSU requires you to engage muscles to stabilize your body as you exercise, it makes your workout harder and can also increase the calorie burn.

Increase Agility and Flexibility

For a relaxing stretch improving flexibility, try using a BOSU ball. Like a stability ball, the rounded top of a BOSU ball (where the dome side is facing up), offers good support for your back and abdominal muscles to be stretched out.

Enhance movement capabilities

Increase your range of motion and help reduce the risk of injury by correcting muscular imbalances caused by tightness.

Bosu Sport Specs

Brand Bosu
Platform Lime Green Dually Molded Platform
Dome Pink or Blue Latex Free and Burst Resistant
Max Capacity 250 lb
Includes Hand Pump and Owners Manual


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