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Why Synergee?

Better Well-Being Through Convenient Home Fitness

Engaging in a regular physical fitness routine is a key step toward achieving optimal overall health. A workout program provides the basis for maintaining a healthy body mass index, toned muscles, improved cardiovascular function, increased physical stamina and heightened emotional well-being.

For many, trudging to the health club can be a deterrent due to busy schedules. As the leading online retailer of home fitness equipment, we offer an extensive selection of gym equipment for sale. Our fitness gear and sports equipment will provide the ideal workout solution to fit every home and budget. We want our inventory to get our customers excited and motivated in their quest for better health. Motivation will get you moving, and then the habit will keep you going.

Our selection includes the latest home fitness equipment from top brands in physical fitness, including Perform Better, Lebert Fitness, Reebok, I Heart Synergee, Ultimate Sandbag, ViPR, Valslide and more. Choose from fitness gear to fulfill a total body workout or to focus on specific abilities such as strength, balance or flexibility.

Do you need help deciding on the right equipment for you? Give us a call at 1-855-217-7136 FREE or email us at and we will be happy to help.