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Synergee in the Community

The perfect coach has the right cues to help you perfect your technique. They remind you to keep your core tight, stand tall, engage your lats, squeeze your butt; and with the help of these simple phrases, us athletes perform to the best of our ability.

“Synergee” is our cue.

We named ourselves “Synergee” to cue ourselves to conduct our business with inclusivity in mind. The original word, “synergy”, describes the power that comes from working as a team. We recognize that when we work with our athletes and those around us, WE as a whole become much stronger than the sum of our individual parts. We all perform to the best of our ability and unlock our true potential.

Our goal is to make fitness, health, and wellness accessible to more people, so here are some ways we demonstrate that through community outreach.

“Do something today that you will be proud of tomorrow”

The Underground Gym

The Underground Gym (UGG) is an incredible charitable organization run by Joey’s uncle, Peter. UGG is a gym and youth center that offers youth ages 4-17 a safe and welcoming place to better themselves though working out, boxing, music, cooking, and arts and crafts. It provides youth in need with a safe haven where they can build a supportive community through sport.

Since 2014, Synergee has been donating shoes to UGG to provide youth and their families with pre-loved shoes. To date, over 300 shoes have been donated by Synergee staff and members.

Synergee’s Annual CrossFit Competition

Synergee celebrates the day we opened our doors and started changing lives by hosting an annual CrossFit competition. Synergee members and athletes from nearby CrossFit gyms come to spend a day working to their max capacity and cheering on their competitors to do the same.

Last year we had the pleasure of hosting a gymnastics workshop led by Bethany Shadburne, who placed 16th at the 2018 CrossFit Games! We devote a day to celebrating and showcasing the progress our awesome community is making!

Toy Donation

Synergee Fitness has proudly donated over 9000 units of children's toys to the Kids in Need Foundation. The Kids in Need Foundation distributes school supplies and other resourced to children all over the country living in poverty. Synergee supports the Kids in Need Foundation's mission to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free supplies to those in need. We are happy to contribute to this charity and provide kids with new toys!

Matterhorn Madness

A chance to give back to the community and workout?! Of course we are signed up! Synergee staff and members participate in local events like Matterhorn Madness, which involves running up and down a mountain until your team runs a total ascent of 1600M!!

All the proceeds go to Roots to Harvest, a local not-for-profit that increases food education among youth and builds food security in our community. We understand how foundational a healthy diet is to personal health and wellness, so we’ll battle through the lactic acid to give back!

Giving Back through Giveaways!

We LOVE to celebrate our customers and say “Thank you!” by giving gifts!

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