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Synergee Agility Hurdles

$64.95 USD

Synergee Agility Hurdles

If sports are your thing, you know that dynamic movements and being quick on your feet is an essential athletic quality! The best way to train and prepare your body for the runs, hops, jumps, sprints and other fancy footwork are HURDLES! Specifically, Synergee’s Adjustable 5 Hurdle Set!

Our Hurdles come in packs of 5 and can be adjusted between 8” or 12”. The rotating legs allow for easy storage and the light composition from PVC makes them easy to transport. Bring them between playing fields, workout sessions, and keep them in your gym bag for whenever a training opportunity arises! Add hurdles to your agility drills and exercises to become a PRO at controlling your movement and exerting power and force with focus and determination.

Agility Hurdles Guide

Hurdles Per Pack 5 Hurdles
Height Between 8"-12"
Material PVC
Color Orange


These hurdles are a must-have for agility training. Become a master speed and footwork which will do wonders for every athlete, especially those involved in sports!


Switch between 8- and 12-inch hurdles during your training. Each hurdle can be adjusted to provide different challenges across your agility course! They’ll keep you on your toes, for sure!


Each hurdle is light and the legs can be rotated for easy storage and transport. Set them up with ease and the stable base keeps them in place. Simple. Effective. Light.

Agility Hurdles Specs

Brand Synergee
Height Adjustable between 8"-12"
Capacity 15 Yoga Mats
Material PVC
Color Orange
Warranty 1 Year - Manufactures Defects

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