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Synergee Ab Mat with Tail Bone Support


Truly one of the most effective pieces of work out equipment, the SSynergee Core Mat with Tail Bone Support helps athletes trim up their waists by improving on the original ab workout, the sit-up. Designed contoured to your lower back to provide support and to help prevent Injury during rigorous abdominal exercises. Use the Synergee core mat as an alternative to an ab wheel, ab carver and ab roller. No more balancing! Unlike fitness balls and ab wheels the Synergee core mat will not roll or wobble on you so you can concentrate on your core exercises.

  • Contours to your lower back to providing support and stability during ab exercises.  It's stable design keeps your ab mat firmly in place allowing you to focus solely on your ab workout.
  • Using the Synergee Core Mat with Tail Bone Support provides full range of motion so the entire abdominal group is working to its full capacity.  The Synergee Core Mat tightens and strengthens your entire core - abs, obliques and back.
  • Use The Core Mat For A Variety Of Exercises That Isolate Upper And/Or Lower Abs As Well As The Obliques And Lower back Muscles - Use The Core Mat As An Alternative To An Ab Wheel - Ab Carver - Ab Roller
  • Synergee Core Mat with Tail Bone Support can be used for a variety of exercises to target different areas of your abdominal wall and low back. It measures 14" x 12" x 4" when folded up and weights 3.5 lbs. Includes: (1) Core Mat, (1) Exercise Manual with six different exercises.

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