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Synergee Fractional & Change Plates
Synergee Fractional & Change Plates
Synergee Fractional & Change Plates

Synergee Fractional & Change Plates

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If lifting is part of your training, these Synergee Fractional & Change Plates are a must-have! We’ve seen firsthand in our Synergee Community that our Athletes become stronger and more confident with weight with regular, incremental increases on their barbells: and our Change and Fractional Plates provide JUST THAT!

Change Plates come with 10 plates total: 1 pair each of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 kg plates. Fractional Change plates come with 4 plates: 1 pair each of 0.125 kg & 0.25 kg plates. Change and Fractional Plates can be bought as separate packages, or both can be bought together.

Our plates are made from steel* and covered in a rubber coating to add longevity and provide a firm hold on your barbell. Each plate is painted with bright, beautiful colors to a) look great and b) help you add the right weight because the color makes them easy to identify, even from afar! The 2-inch opening makes it compatible with any standard barbell -- although, we think it looks best with our Games or Rhino Bar.

*Note: the 0.125 kg plate is only made from rubber to maintain its light weight*

Fractional & Change Plate Options

Fractional Plate Set
Change Plate Set
Change & Fractional Plate Set
Set Weight .75KG 15KG 15.75KG
Plates Included (2).125KG, (2).25KG (2).5KG, (2)1KG, (2)1.5KG, (2)2KG, (2)2.5KG (2).125KG, (2).25KG, (2).5KG, (2)1KG, (2)1.5KG, (2)2KG, (2)2.5KG

Change & Fractional Plate Specs

Brand Synergee
Plate Type Change Plate
Plate Material Steel & Rubber
Diameter Varries Between 4.75" - 8.3"
Collar Opening 2"
Weight Tolerance +/- 10 grams
Warranty Manufacturer Defects - 1 Year

A Little Less Weight, A Lot More Reps

Find your real PR by using the right weights and then challenge it every day with incremental steps. As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, “It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward”… especially when a heavy barbell is involved!

Especially if you’ve been stuck at a weight for a while (probably because you’ve been trying to work up in 20 lb increments, but now you have incremental plates so that should help! ) try lowering the weight and upping the reps to bust that plateau.

For example – set your bar to 80-90% of your 1RM. You should be able to lift your 80% weight 8 times, and your 90% weight 4 times. It won’t be easy. But you should be able to muster it! Aim for you session to include 10-20 reps total. Your sets could be arranged as:

     ⚬ 2 sets of 8 reps (80%)

     ⚬ 2-3 sets of 6 reps (85%)

     ⚬ 3-5 sets of 4 reps (90%)

    ⚬ Our Pro Tip was taken from’s article - Build Strength for Maximum Muscle Gains check it out!