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Synergee Wood Gymnastics Rings


Ring workouts are a unique way to build strength, stability and coordination. They provide an excellent full body workout as your muscles work their hardest to keep engaged and body balanced. The Synergee Gymnastics Rings can intensify your workout routine with just a few exercises, helping you get in the best shape of your life. Known to challenge your full body, Synergee Gymnastics Rings are ideal for toning and tightening in a simple, effective way. Rings are great for body weight workouts including pull ups, push ups, muscle ups, dips and rows. With a weight capacity of 800lbs, the Synergee Gymnastics Rings are sure to handle anything! Measurements:  Diameter: 9.25", Inside Diameter: 6.75", Ring Thickness: 1.25", Strap Length: 15ft, Strap Width: 1.5", Weight: 4lbs, Capacity: 800lb.

  • Super easy to install and travel friendly. Take your workout with you wherever life takes you. They make for a simple set up and take down.
  • 1.25” RINGS FOR BETTER GRIP- Wooden rings made from premium quality wood that stays smooth and solid, providing excellent grip no matter what. 
  • The Synergee Gymnastics Rings are the ultimate tool to help you with full body workouts that recruit all your muscle groups to work together. Practice pullups, pushups, dips, rows, muscle ups and so much more.
  • Set up in just 3 minutes! Just throw the rings over any support, slip the strap through the metal clamp and clamp it in place. Rings require minimum storage space and can be taken on the go! Includes - (2) Wooden Gymnastic Rings, (2) Heavy Duty Straps with Buckles. Diameter: 9.25" - Inside Diameter: 6.75" - Ring Thickness: 1.25'' - Strap Length: 15ft - Capacity: 800 lbs.

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