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Synergee Hexagonal Speed & Agility Rings
Synergee Hexagonal Speed & Agility Rings
Synergee Hexagonal Speed & Agility Rings
Synergee Hexagonal Speed & Agility Rings
Synergee Hexagonal Speed & Agility Rings
Synergee Hexagonal Speed & Agility Rings
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Synergee Hexagonal Speed & Agility Rings

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Synergee Hex Training Ring

All athletes can benefit from agility training. But the agility ladder you’re familiar with is a pain in the butt to use; and not in a good “oh yeah my glutes hurt because they are getting stronger” way!!

Our Hex Training Rings are the most user-friendly agility training unit out there. This set is sturdy and can be linked together into a wide range of agility obstacles. Create a long line; bumps to jump over; separate them for bounding drills; and more! And it will firmly hold its shape between runs.

Each piece can be attached or detached with ease, thanks to a plastic latch on each Hex. Open it to release; line it up with another hex piece and snap it closed into place. It’s that simple! 6 rings per pack and each ring is 19” wide.

Hex Training Ring Guide

Width 19"
Color Green
Rings Included 6
Total Weight 3lbs

Hex Training Ring Specs

Brand Synergee
Color Green
Width 19”
Inside Width 17.75”
Rings Included 6
Great For Footwork, Agility, Strength & Balance Training
Warranty 1 Year - Manufactures Defects


After training, these Hex Rings are easy to put away and store. Detach them all, throw them in a bag, and call ‘er a day! These hex rings can’t and won’t tangle! Unlike agility ladders.


When you set up an agility drill, you don’t want to fix it between athletes because they merely graze the edge of the obstacles! These Hex Rings will hold their shape as they athletes cycle through for seamless training sessions.


These Hex Rings stack together for storage and the entire set weighs 3lbs. It comes with a carrying pack for easy transportation between training sessions, too.



Agility training is essential for EVERYONE. Yes, even if you aren’t a professional soccer or hockey or roller derby athlete, YOU would benefit from some neuromuscular training! Studies from the sports medicine field around Agility Training found physiological AND cognitive performance are benefited from this style of exercise. The details can be found in the article, “The Influence of Agility Training on Physiological and Cognitive Performance”.


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