Synergee Power Rack V1.
Synergee Power Rack V1.
Synergee Power Rack V1.
Synergee Power Rack V1.
Synergee Power Rack V1.
Synergee Power Rack V1.
Synergee Power Rack V1.
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Synergee Power Rack V1

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Synergee Power Rack

Our Power Rack is an indomitable metal cage forged of steel that grants you access to the most powerful workouts.

Our Synergee Power Rack includes (2) Nylon Safety Straps; (2) J-Cups; and pull up bar station. This freestanding Power Rack provides a solid station for a full-body strength and body weight workout with floor mounts to hold it securely in place.

The Synergee Power Rack stands 85" tall on a 45" x 55" base and has a 750 lb weight capacity. The Rack is capable of holding 750 lb racked, and/or 750 lbs on the pull up bar. This Rack is large enough to provide a stable place to do a complete workout; while compact enough to fit in most home gyms. Your Power Rack will look incredible wherever you set it up with its red vertical posts and black horizontal bars. Functional and attractive? Yes, please!

Lift confidently and safely. Do all the bodyweight and weight workouts your heart desires. This Rack provides a one stop shop for all multidimensional athletes, CrossFitters, Power lifters, and anyone else looking to build their strength.


The Synergee Power Rack V1 comes with J Cups that are lined with a thin layer of rubber to avoid metal on metal contact and protect your barbell. Our J Cups can hold up to 750 lbs and are 2" in length. One pair of J Cups comes with your Power Rack.


This Rack comes with a pair of safety straps that run the inside length of the rack (24”). They are constructed from reinforced nylon, which makes them much more convenient to use and store than metal safety arms. Lightweight and strong, plus the fabric is much kinder to your barbell than metal!


The Pull Up bar provides balance to your squat stand and more options for your workouts! It can hold up to 750lbs. The Pull Up Bar must be installed on your Power Rack for the rack to be complete and secure; and it can be installed upside down to accommodate lower ceilings.

Power Rack Specs

Brand Synergee
Footprint 45" X 55"
Height 85"
Weight Capacity 750 lb
J-Cups Included - 750 lb Capacity
Safety Straps Included - 750 lb Capacity
Material 16 Gauge Steel
Safety Straps Yes


The Synergee Power Rack is fitted with 1 inch holes spaced 2 inches apart. This allows you to set your J Cups and Safety Straps at the perfect height for your specific needs! Adjustments are easy, so finding the right height for your workout buddy is fast and simple, too!


This Power Rack has all the features to provide you with a full body workout. Safety Straps for your lifting PRs. Pull up bar for gymnastics work. Posts to anchor Power Bands. And all the features combined provides the perfect spot for high intensity interval training and multi-modal workouts!


Our Rack is welded with precision to provide a strong, stable 45" x 55" base. We added an extra brace support to the base of our Rack so you can lift heavy weights with confidence. We include bolts to secure the Power Rack to the floor so it stays put for every rep: only the strongest and safest gear for our Synergee Athletes!



NEVER do bicep curls in the power rack. The end!
J-Cup Attachment Barbell Holder Attachment Barbell Holder Attachment Step Plate Attachment Barbell Holder Landmine Attachment Dip Handles
J Cups Safety Arms Plate Storage Step Up Barbell Holder Landmine Dip Handles
Compatible Rack Size 2 by 2 2 by 2 2 by 2 2 by 2 2 by 2 2 by 2 2 by 2
Compatible Hole Size 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1"
Designed for Squat Racks
Designed for Power Racks