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test of Synergee Games Olympic Barbells
test of Synergee Games Olympic Barbells
test of Synergee Games Olympic Barbells
test of Synergee Games Olympic Barbells

test of Synergee Games Olympic Barbells

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Synergee’s XL Premium Interval Timer is the perfect addition for any gym – home or commercial.

Our XL, crystal-clear LED and high-contrast display allows you to see the bright red and blue numbers from all corners of your gym. The crisp “beeps” are at the ideal frequency for hearing when your AMRAP is up, even if you workout with music. We are positive that when you lock eyes with these bright, glaring numbers, you’ll work your butt off to get a few extra reps in before time is up!

Our Timer is easy to use and completely customizable. You can program rounds and work-to-rest ratios to suit your specific training needs. Or, choose from one of the numerous preprogrammed settings: there’s so many! This timer is your key to unlocking a plethora of training styles for yourself or your clients with minimal remote-fiddling!

The Synergee XL Premium Interval Timer comes with one remote (batteries not included) with a 60 ft range. Extra remotes can be purchased separately. The Timer plugs into a 120 V/NEMA-5 socket (i.e. common North American socket). Wall mounts included!

Gym Timer/Clock Specs

Brand Synergee
Color Black
Dimensions (LxWxH) 28.5”x2”x6"
LED Time Color Red
LED Rounds Color Blue

Pro Tip: Tracking Workouts

Use this Gym Timer to help track your daily fitness achievements! Doing this will do wonders for you on your fitness journey!

Track your progress on the program you are following, the weight and number of reps you complete, or the time it takes for you to complete a workout. Beyond writing down time and reps, you can also write down if you scaled something, how you felt during a workout, when you work out, your sleep schedule – the more information the better!

For example, you might notice a pattern that you feel the greatest, lift the most, and adhere to your training plan best after 6 hours of sleep and when you workout at 6:00 am before work, compared to 8 hours of sleep and trying to fit it in at 5:00 pm when you get home from a long day.

You can write as little or as much as you want, but recording can also be an incredible motivation tool. On days when you don’t feel as awesome as you are, you can always look back and realize you’re further than where you started – and that’s all that really matters!

Interval Gym Timer & Remote Warranty

Manufacture Defect 1 Year


The Timer manual is the only resource you need for this piece of equipment! But here are some links to printable exercise logs and some apps to check out for fitness tracking:

     ⚬Vertex42 - Exercise Log and Chart

     ⚬PC Mag - The Best Fitness Aps for 2019

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