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Synergee EZ Curl Bars
Synergee EZ Curl Bars

Synergee EZ Curl Bars

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Black Phosphate

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If Arm Day is your favorite Gym Day, the EZ Curl Bar will be your new best friend. This bar is ideal for isolated bi and tri exercises, and perfect for accessory work for pull-ups, rowing, climbing, grappling, and developing upper body stabilizer muscles. The Synergee EZ Curl bar will get you the Michelle Obama arms you want; and soon enough, you’ll be flex-pointing in the direction of The Beach with confidence.

We designed this bar with you in mind. The curves allow you to do more reps with less strain on your wrists; because less room for injury means more room for gains! This design allows your wrists and elbows to remain in a more natural position for curls, rows, or skull crushers, and directly engage of your upper- and forearm muscles.

Current Color Combination Options

Black Phosphate
Shaft Black Phosphate Chrome
Sleeves Black Phosphate Chrome

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Bar Gear Specs

Brand Synergee
Bar Type EZ Curl Bar
Bar Use Weightlifting, Multipurpose
Bar Weight 19lbs
Diameter 28MM
Knurl Standard
Center Knurl No
Shaft Coating Black Phosphate/Chrome
Bar Length 47.25"
Loadable Sleeve Length 6.25"
Sleeve Coating Black Phosphate/Chrome
Bushing/Bearing Bushing

Why Synergee’s EZ Curl is an EZ Choice:

  • 1Built to Last:

    Our EZ Curl Bars are made with the highest quality steel, giving it a 450lbs max load rating. The Chrome and Black Phosphate coating protects the steel from oxidation and wear.

  • 2Smart Design for Safer Reps:

    The curved shaft protects the athlete’s wrists from unnecessary stress and strain. The bushings allow for smooth motions and an even, balanced feel.

  • 3Versatile and Multipurpose:

    Beyond curls, this bar can be used for presses, deadlifts, zercher squats, tricep extensions, and rows. Whether you want an arm pump or a full body work out, this bar has you covered.

PRO TIP: Push and Pull

Pair push and pull exercises to hit opposing muscle groups (ex. biceps & triceps or abdominals and erector spinae). Do them in the same session, or alternate between Push and Pull days. For example, pair bicep curls (pull) with skull crushers or triangle push-ups (push); or a bent-over row (pull) with reverse crunches (push).

This pairing of movements and muscle groups can help you avoid over-training some muscles, and under-training others. This will make your body more balanced, stronger and will help you avoid injury!

EZ Curl Warranty

Manufacturer Defects 1 year
Bending Lifetime

Video Reviews

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"The bar itself is actually rated for like 450lbs which is pretty amazing ... tells you that the bar is very well made"

- Brandon Campbell Diamond


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