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Synergee Gymnastic Rings
Synergee Gymnastic Rings
Synergee Gymnastic Rings
Synergee Gymnastic Rings
Synergee Gymnastic Rings
Synergee Gymnastic Rings
Synergee Gymnastic Rings
Synergee Gymnastic Rings
Synergee Gymnastic Rings
Synergee Gymnastic Rings
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Synergee Gymnastic Rings

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    Synergee Gymnastic Rings

    Our Synergee Gymnastics Rings are the most revealing pieces of gym equipment you can buy – no one can hide from the no-nonsense honesty of The Rings. They will encourage you to aim higher, work harder, and leave it all on the floor. Every. Darn. Day.

    Our Rings come in two sizes: 7.75” or 9.25” diameter. The rings are made from premium quality wood and sanded for your comfort. Each set comes with 2 x 15-Foot-Long Straps fitted with Metal Clamps. The straps are 1.5 inches thick and capable of holding 800 lb.

    Set up takes a mere 3 minutes and take down is just as fast, making it easy to transform every space into a makeshift gym!

    The Synergee Gymnastic Rings allow you to train in a completely different modality than any other piece of equipment. Fighting gravity’s pull on your bodyweight will reward you greatly with exceptional gains in strength, stability, and coordination. And drool-worthy shoulders. Whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned athlete, there are numerous exercises you can do with these Rings that will leave you sore and wanting more.

    Gymnastic Rings Guide

    Small Rings Large Rings
    Diameter 7.75" 9.25"
    Inside Ring Diameter 5.5" 6.75"
    Ring Thickness 1" 1.25"
    Weight 3.5 lb 4 lb


    The list of exercises you can do with gymnastics rings is never-ending. Use the rings for great bodyweight workouts including pull ups, push ups, muscle ups, dips and rows. Test your strength, balance, and coordination as you fight gravity’s pull against your body – the ultimate challenge!


    Our wooden rings are made from premium quality wood that is smoothed and sanded for your comfort. Our Rings feel great in your hands and provide the perfect grip for all your suspended, bodyweight exercises.


    Set up only takes 3 minutes. Throw the straps over any support, adjust the ring height, and start moving! Bring your workout wherever life takes you. Soon enough, you’ll be thinking, “Ceiling beam? Tree branch? Jungle Gym? They all look like places to hang Gymnastic Rings to me!”

    Gymnastic Ring Specs

    Brand Synergee
    Ring Diameters (Inches) 7.75" or 9.25"
    Strap Length (Feet) 15'
    Strap Thickness (Inches) 1.5"
    Capacity (lbs) 800 lb
    Material Premium Wood


    Any sturdy support can be transformed into a place to practice your pull ups and ring dips. From rafters to tree branches to jungle gyms, almost anything you can throw the strap over can be a spot to hang your Synergee Gymnastic Rings.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a permanent spot for them indoors, an ideal space for your rings should to be 2.75-3.75 meters (9-12 feet) high and allow 1.5 m (about 5 feet) of clearance around you when you are working out. Your rings should be hung at shoulder width or a little wider. The height clearance can be less if you plan to do work below the rings (ex. ring rows); or it might need to be more if you are working on full inversions.

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