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Synergee Compact Farmer Walk Handles

Synergee Compact Farmer Walk Handles

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Our Synergee Compact Farmers Walk Handles will work your glutes, quads, calves, back, shoulders, core, and forearms all at once! These handles are compact, easy to use, and with 10 inches of loadable sleeve you can carry some mean weight!

Synergee Compact Farmer Walk Handles weigh 7lbs each and have a 600lb weight capacity (300lb per handle): yes, these handles are small & mighty! They are perfect for high-capacity athletes looking to get an awesome piece of equipment without creating clutter in their gym.

These compact handles are made from steel and have a black powder-coating to increase longevity and aid your grip. The sleeves are 2” in diameter and compatible with bumper plates and regular collars – NO SPECIFIC COLLARS REQUIRED! Plus, the ability to hold these weights close to your body and just outside your leg makes them comfortable to walk with, causing less strain and allowing for better technique!

Compact Farmer Walk Handles Guide

Max Capacity 600lb (300lb Per Sleeve)
Sold As Pair Yes
Handle Color Black
Sleeves Color Chrome

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Core Mat

  • Compact Farmer Walk Handles
Brand Synergee
Handle Weight 7lb Per Handle
Handle Length 4.5"
Loadable Sleeve Length 10"
Max Capacity 600lb
Tested At 300lb Per Handle
Handle Coating Black Powder Coat
Sleeve Coating Chrome
Warranty 1 Year - Manufactures Defects

    Our Synergee Compact Farmer Handles will give your body a killer workout, but they will do so in a comfortable way! I mean, your arms, shoulders and abs will burn, but the Farmers Handles will sit nicely in your hands and the weight plate will hang just outside your leg. Unlike when you use dumbbells, there will be no hand-pinching as you go up in weight.


    These Handles allow you to perform loaded carries to your heart’s content without needing a large piece of equipment or multiple dumbbells or kettlebells! They take up minimal floor space, perfect for garage, home, or commercial gyms.


    From your shoulders down to your calves, weighted carries will challenge your whole body! Using these Farmer Handles will improve your stability, give you a strong core and back, and improve your proprioception. With a 600lb capacity (300lb per handle), they can give your body a gnarly challenge!

Get Farm Strong!

Farmer’s carries have so many benefits!Coach Magazine describes them, including:

“developing a strong core brace, which ensures the spine remains neutral by protecting against both shear and compressive forces; enhanced proprioception (your sense of where your body parts are positioned), because you must move with the load while maintaining a braced core; increased willpower and focus, because loaded carries are tough to do; and, of course, muscle growth because of the extended period of muscular tension, especially in the upper back, forearms and legs”.

These are all awesome things. You should do farmer walks. And you should do them with these Farmer Walk Barbells.

Head over to Coach Mag to read more about why Farmer’s Walks should be your go-to full body exercise!

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