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Synergee Non-Slip 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Boxes
Synergee Non-Slip 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Boxes

Synergee Non-Slip 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Boxes

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Stick every Box Jump! Do every elevated Push Up knowing your hands won’t slip! Grind through some Bulgarian Split Squats without worrying about your back foot sliding!

Do it all with the Synergee Non-Slip 3-in-1 Plyo Box!

This Box will open numerous possibilities for your training routine and it is extremely durable. Our Non-Slip Box is made from ¾ inch-thick plywood, coated with PVC non-slip material and a hexagonal design that diverts sweat and water away from the landing surface. We created this awesome box with your safety in mind and used the latest technology to create a piece of gear that can withstand 450 lbs and all the sweat (or tears) you throw at it.

Each easy-to-assemble and expertly crafted Box comes with 3 different height options, so every flip of the Box unlocks a new challenge.

While it will make your muscles ache, it sure is easy on the eyes. The black anti-slip coating contrasted with the wooden sunken relief makes it a fine lookin’ piece of gear that will look AWESOME in your gym!

Current Size Combination Options

Inner Supports Required and Included No Yes
Screws Included Yes Yes
Pre Drilled Holes Yes Yes

Non-Slip Plyo Box Specs

Brand Synergee
Box Material Plywood
Non-Slip Material PVC
Max Weight 450lbs
Wood Thickness 3/4"
Warranty 1 Year - Manufacturer Defects

Plyo Box Exercises

  • 1Box Jumps

  • 2Box Step Ups

  • 3Box L-Sit

Prep, Jump, Stretch!

Before and after you put your body through some explosive movements, consider doing some really good stretches! Stretching before and after a workout, especially one that involves plyometric movements, can improve your performance and help you avoid injury.

Before jumping, aim for dynamic (i.e. moving) stretches. These will allow you to increase your flexibility and range of motion as you warm up your muscles and move them from Rest Mode into CRUSH IT MODE!

After your plyo workout, take time to do some static (i.e. hold-in-place) stretches. This will release tension in your stressed muscles and will help improve your recovery time and reduce soreness.

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